Tuesday, June 14, 2011

MAXI SKIRT:In Need of Little Inspiration

So over the weekend, I gave into my love for the maxi skirt and I bought my first one! I'm a little nervous how to incorporate into my daily style, but my best friend convinced me the jersey fitted maxi are as comfortable as tights and give a completely different look. In my search for inspiration on how to wear this long standing trend, I checked out my most reliable sources Chictopia & Lookbook. nu
The below are just example of a few of my favourite ways maxi skirts have been effortlessly worn.

To check out the maxi & mid calf skirts at the etsy shop, click here

I enjoy look by vintagestateofmind because of they she tucked in the loose button blouse, paired with the platforms and fedora I adore

 Let me just say that I absolutely I enjoy every look this lovely lady wears, I follow StylePantry looks religiously, she coordinates colours and prints effortlessly. I love the way she pairs the sheer bright skirt with the bold loosely fitted blouse

 First off I am in love with these Jefferey Campbell platforms  and golestaneh wears them so well. I love the pleats and the pairing of the brown accessories in her look. As fellow lover of all brown accessories I will definitely play on this look.

I love the leather jackets and how she has easily blended it into her look.

 The prints in joannaladrido's skirt are just wonderful. As a owner of a multitude of blazers myself I like how she paired a simple blouse, belted and wore it a boyfriend blazer. I enjoy!

As a lover of denim and denim blouses, I will definetely incorporating button front blouses and my new skirt

 I love how joannaladrido is wearing bold animal print and has paired it with a thick belt, very Safari which is very much my style, definitely inspired.

Are you inspired? Do you regularly rotate maxi skirts in your style? I am open to any recommendations


  1. Thanks for sharing this type of jackets. The style of dresses are awesome..

    Tank Top

  2. I like maxi skirts but they don't suit me - Some people can really pull it off but I dont think they will be making a place in my closet


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