Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tan Accessories a Spring 2011 Essential for your Wardrobe

All these tan purses are vintage & available for sale at an eye for vintage. Also check out other vintage tan accessories: shoes and belts.

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Personally I love tan accessories incorporated with the Spring Military Trend. I adore the the green jacket and top.

Tan accessories blends well with Spring 2011 Menswear Trend. I love the tan ankle lace up boots and shoulder bag.

I like how tan accessories are not only blended with jewel tones but also with metallics. The blending of colours and tones is effortless.


  1. I love a neutral that can also function as a pop of color. Great article and photos...

  2. I really love tan leather accessories! I have waay to much already. That said, I am heart broken the first bag appears to be gone already!
    Love the style inspiration pics x


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