Saturday, February 26, 2011

SHOP UPDATE: Spring Trend Colours coming soon to an eye for vintage

This Spring  its all about BOLD colors and hues from tangerine, fuchsia, indigo blue, deep purple, taxi cab yellow, lime to emerald green. The best thing about this trend is how all these colors can be worn in combination, it creates such contrasts.

The Dresses below are a glimpse of some of the new vintage pieces you can expect this Spring from an eye for vintage. I love all things colorful, especially the Spring trend colors, so expect many great detailed, beautifully constructed pieces coming soon. All these dresses will be available for purchase within the next week.

Indigo Blue
Turquoise, indigo blue, taxi cab yellow

Street Style Inspiration courtesy of Chictopia

I love the blend of the yellow and teal in this look, the shoes are a great pop of color.

I love everything about this look, again she has blended many of Springs bold colors the fuchsia and tangerine so effortlessly. It's definitely  a stand out look

In this outfit, yellow is added as a pop of color to a look, this is a great way to incorporate a touch Springs  colors if you don't wear much color regularly.
I absolutely adore the combination of colors in this look, the blue and lime green blend surprisingly well.


  1. Love this post D! Can't wait to see the new stuff!


  2. I love all of the colors in this post. The pink and orange outfit is amazing.


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