Thursday, December 23, 2010

TREND: How to wear and embrace Sequins, Beading, Sparkles

I know many people are scared to stand out especially when involves adding sequins or sparkle to any look. I wanted to share with the multiple ways sequins and beaded clothing can be incorporated into daily style. Ceri Evans
In this look, this sequins dress is toned down with a black boyfriend blazer. It's chic!
In these looks butterfly sequins tops are worn both casually with jeans and boots & dressy with tights and heels. This top is versatile! Chiara Ferragni

I enjoy this look, it is very chic and the sequins shorts are almost a subtle touch because she is wearing black head to toe with gold accents. Also I love this look because she does the military look so well. Keiko L

If wearing sequins in clothing is too loud, try wearing it in accessories. I adore this look this red sequins is a simple accessory that is paired so well with her tight and lipstick. The look is cohesive and works nicely.

Hollywood has been loving and incorporating sequins in their daily and red carpet looks forever. Whether it's a red carpet dress, funky accessories or jacket many celebrities effortlessly mix sequins pieces into their daily or night looks.

Vintage sequin pieces available at an eye for vintage

These pieces can be dressed up or down. They can also be toned down when paired with a jacket or blazer or dressed up with killer heels and great accessories.

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