Wednesday, December 22, 2010

STREET STYLE: 50's Inspired Looks with a Modern Touch

Courtesy of my friends at Chictopia, I discovered some lovely ladies who did a fabulous job of incorporating 1950's vintage pieces into their daily looks while keeping modern. I adored it and thought I would share  some of my favourites enjoy.....

Vintage 50s dress look by LittleMissThrifty

Vintage 50s Carolina Herrarra dress look by sugarlaws

Vintage 50s pants look by Haiku_Ambulance

Vintage 50s dress look by cherrycherryboomboom

Vintage 50s skirt look by TeenUgly

50s brown Armani coat. Look by joujouvilleroy

To see more 50's looks on Chictopia click here
Check out vintage 1950s available now an eyefor vintage

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