Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Farewell to a Style Icon & Timeless Beauty

During my daily read of InStyle online this morning at work, I learned that Elizabeth Taylor passed at the age of 79. 

I say goodbye to the Dark Beauty with Violet Eyes.
She is recognized has the first female actress who earned a million dollar a movie. She won two Oscars and starred in dozens of movies. She was a humanitarian and a strong advocate, who funded over 12 million dollars to AIDS/HIV causes. She is also famously known for her numerous marriages. 


To me, Elizabeth Taylor will forever be remembered to me as a Timeless Beauty and an effortless Style Icon.

Elizabeth Taylor


  1. I will miss her too! I love that Elizabeth Taylor always had amazing jewelry on regardless of the event. It could be a pair of dangle drop earrings or a necklace that flawlessly accented her neckline, whatever the occasion was, she was the epitome of timeless style. Some of the jewelry choices were combination's like a classic diamond tennis bracelet on her wrist paired with a gorgeous vintage inspired strand necklace!

  2. She is so beautiful - She reminds of Lisa Ray ( A cancer survivor and an actress as well who is from toronto). I remember I did a highschool project on Elizabeth taylor and elizabeth arden. She is definitely a fashion icon.


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